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NO CURRENT DATE SET – You can still enrol in this course and complete the pre-recorded online content but a live aspect is not included with your enrolment.


In this class we’ll perfect your application of traditional shapes and then push the boundaries with beautiful enhancements not seen as often in New Zealand.

During this workshop we will cover –

  • PERFECT Squares
  • Squoval
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Almond
  • Stiletto
  • Coffin/Ballerina

Note that although this class is online, it is LIVE and will be hosted on {DATE TBC} from 9am-1pm via Zoom. Penny will demonstrate techniques and then watch as you practice them, being able to assist and correct your work as you go.

Your course fees include an additional 1.5 hours of pre-recorded support videos as well as printable resources. A recording of the live class will be available only to students who attended live. You cannot enrol and then only watch the recording.

You will need to be capable of form application at least at a ‘competent beginner’ level and will need either acrylic, hard gel or polygel on hand to sculpt your extensions with. A model is ideal however won’t leave with a full set or any matching nails so you are welcome to work on yourself or a practice hand if this suits better.

A certificate can be sent out after the workshop for an additional $15 (the certificates are beautiful, packed well in cardboard envelopes and couriered with tracking, this is cost price)

How to Attend the Class – 

Download the Zoom App onto your phone. On the day of your class (or perhaps trial it in advance), click ‘Join Meeting’ and type in 957-455-7300 (Tip – It’s our phone number with some extra zeros if you lose it). You will be asked for a password, which is the same – 9574557300.

You will be able to see Penny and she will be able to see you. You can all talk to each other just like a real classroom.

Set your phone up somewhere at an angle that we can see your work from.

To get the best out of your experience, I would suggest getting an Octopus Tripod from Trade Me (they’re under $5), attaching your phone to it, and attaching the Octopus to your overhead desk light so that your phone camera is facing down over your workspace. Make sure your phone can be plugged into its charger from your desk and that you have a good wifi signal.

If you live near another student – get together at the same house/salon and stream in together!

Note that if you already have our online Acrylic training (beginner or refresher), this is duplicate content and you do not need to purchase it separately. If you would still like to enrol in order to benefit from the live aspect, contact us for a $30 discount code


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