In-Person Short Courses for Beginners

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The courses below fit everything you’re looking for –

You have a Mentor to guide you through the training, they start at a complete beginner level, and it’s possible (although not compulsory) to complete them in a couple of days.

A flexible and self-guided course, with pre-recorded and live educator-led components. During this Module we cover Traditional Manicures, Gel Polish Manicures, Scrubs, Masks and Massage, and converting your Manicure skills to serve Pedicure clients.

Students are required to have enrolled in or completed our ‘The Theory of Nails’ module linked above. Your certificate will not be provided unless you have passed The Theory of Nails Exam, but you have multiple free attempts at this.
$ 349

A continuation on from Gel Polish Manicures, this course upskills your existing training and teaches you how to use Dipping Powders (such as SNS, which is a brand of Dip) to add strength and longevity to your services.

All students of this course are required to have passed ‘The Theory of Nails’ module linked above before a certificate will be provided. It is recommended but not compulsory to have also completed a nail or beauty qualification that covered general manicure techniques before commencing this Module.
$ 299