A friend completed her qualification with Monaco a few years ago, but her course was spent in your studio with a class of people. Has this changed?

Yes! We offer both online and in-person class options now. The in-person options are offered from within the salons of Mentors around the country, so that you don’t have to travel to Auckland.

We’ve added a LOT of additional online content so that you’re familiar with the processes before you attend a live lesson. Previously you would turn up and the first time you ever saw a new technique was right before you did it. The current method is producing more confident Nail Techs.

Splitting the course into 3-hour blocks has also meant that no one has to take 3 weeks leave to sit in a room and learn everything at once. You CAN book those live lessons into consecutive weeks, but most people choose to spread them out now, to allow time for the information to sink in in-between lessons. We again find this is producing better Nail Techs.