Is this course ‘brand neutral’?

We are acutely aware of the number of people looking for ‘product neutral’ courses. We do our very best to teach you in the most brand-neutral manner possible, however we have chosen to teach with Artistic Nail Design products as our core system. Through years of experience we have come to regard these as the highest quality, most reliable, and best value products on the market. We have the choice to align ourselves with any brand and choose Artistic.

As you gain experience post-graduation you will learn that the application methods of different brands vary greatly, so while there are some courses that claim to be ‘brand neutral’, you will still be learning with a specific brand and focussing primarily on the methods required for that brand. We will do our best to give you a wide, well-rounded education that can be applied to any brand you wish to use in future. Most brands offer a 1-day ‘cross over’ course to make sure you understand any differing prep and application steps if you decide to change (although we think you will like Artistic!)

Our view is that by starting your career with Artistic Rock Hard products, you’re lucky enough to be joining a revolution that we as experienced Nail Techs were very excited about. This is the first time in history that a combined Acrylic and Gel System has been created, both stemming from the same molecule and therefore chemically interchangeable. For us, we came about this post-graduation but for you, you start your career with more knowledge and better products than any of us had access to. Throughout the course you will learn exactly why this is the most exciting development in the industry in YEARS – and why we think it is worth sharing.