How to Warm Up Monomer for Winter: Tips for Nail Technicians

Warming up your monomer in winter is a game-changer!
Cold monomer cures slowly. It’s more likely to need chasing if you can’t get your ratio right, and if you file it too soon, you can tear it or affect it’s structural integrity.
Warming also helps to improve consistency, making it easier to work with aaaand reduces bubbles, ensuring smoother application.
Now before you go chucking it in the microwave (do NOT do this), GENTLY warm your monomer by –
๐Ÿ‘ Keeping the bottle between your knees as your prep your client
๐Ÿ‘ Sitting your Dappen Dish on a warming pad (that is a MILD temperature)
๐Ÿ‘ Gently rolling the bottle between your hands to distribute warmth
Don’t be silly and then blame us –
โŒ Avoid using microwaves or direct heat sources, which can degrade the quality of your monomer. Or, you know, set it on fire.
โŒ Never heat monomer to boiling or near-boiling temperatures.
โŒ Ensure the bottle is securely closed and avoid prolonged exposure to heat.
DO keep your monomer at the perfect temperature for flawless nails every time!