Imposter Syndrome

Raise your hand (be honest!) if you don’t put yourself out there or you don’t charge as much as you should or you don’t comment on threads BECAUSE you don’t feel like a real Nail Tech or maybe you do but you don’t feel like you’re as good as others are.

Do you ever feel like you’re going to be ‘found out’?


Every time a new client comes in, I feel like they’re going to realise I’m not actually that good at nails

Every time someone comments on my 19 awards, I think of the ONE competition that was between two of us – I came second, but I still got a second place award. Somehow that ONE award invalidates the other 18.

Every time I give someone advice on their marketing or social media I think “Oh my god what if it doesn’t work and they find out I don’t know anything” (Spoiler alert – that’s never happened)

Every time an acquaintance comments on how well I’m doing working for myself I think “You wouldn’t say that if you knew about XYZ thing that happened last week”

And I put myself out there anyway because if you ask my friends I have made reckless, risky decisions every day of my life so far, and risking getting ‘found out’ is just another one.

The number of HUGELY successful people who dropped out of school or have been arrested or have been bankrupt or whatever – I’m starting to understand that although sometimes success belongs to the uber-smart and carefully planned, it belongs in equal measure to the misfits who don’t know HOW but do it anyway.

Soooooooooooo I challenge you – embrace your inner rebel today and RISK being ‘found out’, because I tell you what – it hasn’t happened to me yet.

Although you now all know about my ‘2nd place out of 2’ award 


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