Individual Client Packs are here!

We’re all about continuously increasing our standards and making it easy for you to do so too and so we are now offering Individual Client Packs ready made!

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Individual Client Packs are perfect for increasing hygiene standards in your salon, maintaining better quality non-disposable items and building a reputation for being different – caring about your clients as your highest priority. Individual Client Packs are a great idea for salons who want to use high quality/non-disposable files and tools while still maintaining high hygiene standards. Of course, following recommended disinfection procedures is adequate and safe – but this is one step better.

Our Individual Client Pack includes the following items –

  • A labelled envelope
  • A natural nail file (240 grit)
  • An etching (for Gel Polish removal) or contouring (for Extensions) file (180-grit)
  • A 100/180 grit buffer for preparing the natural nail and for smoothing enhancement surfaces
  • A plastic Manicure Brush
  • A Cuticle Pusher

Note that if you are offering Acrylics you may want to add a 150-grit File to this.

The cost of Individual Client Packs

An Individual Client Pack might be factored in to the cost of a first appointment and therefore supplied for free, or it might be an optional additional cost for people with hygiene concerns. You might also include in your Terms and Conditions that Individual Client Packs may be required at your discretion, and enforce this condition if a client has a disease or other health condition that increases the risk to yourself and other clients, or if they have had a previous skin or nail infection.

If choosing to charge an additional cost to the client for their Individual Client Pack, do not add a mark up – charge them the cost price of the items in their pack – this is not a retail service to add to your profit. The cost of files and buffers should have already been factored into your pricing in the first place and what you are charging them for really is the upgraded service of storing and maintaining these tools as well as having more multiples of tools like Cuticle Pushers that you would otherwise have had only a few of.

Maintaining Individual Client Packs

An Individual Client Pack should be keep in a breathable container – as simple as an envelope or elaborate as a lined drawer – and on the outside of this container I would include a list of the items inside (exactly as above, with expected use and replacement cost) with 10 or more check boxes next to each one. At each appointment, tick the checkboxes of the items you’ve used. Do so in front of the client so that there are no disputes, and use this system to monitor when tools are due for replacement. You could even date the check boxes to further reduce the risk of dispute.

One of the benefits of using Individual Client Packs is that you will be able to work with un-worn tools at all times – I know those of us who use non-disposable items will often push them to their limits, making a buffer that is good quality for 10 uses, last for 15 – but with a client expecting to replace these items at their own cost you will be able to replace items frequently.

Disinfecting Individual Client Packs

When it comes to caring for these tools, after each appointment follow your normal disinfection procedure and lay these tools to dry in such a way that you have zero risk of mixing them with others. This could be paper towels, a face-cloth-sized towel folded in half, or their own lined box if using those to store. Either way, as per recommended disinfection procedures, the tools must be covered with enough disinfectant that they will be wet for at least 5-7 minutes and should be completely dry before being packed away.

Do not skip the disinfection procedures just because these tools will be used on the same client next time – they may have the beginnings of an infection that will clear itself up before you see them next and you could put them at risk again. There are any number of ways they could be currently carrying bacteria that you do not want them to be re-exposed to. Improperly cleaned and disinfected implements may grow infection/disease-causing organisms before the client returns for their next visit, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

Storing Individual Client Packs

The items should be stored with lining (a paper towel is fine) and in a breathable container or pouch – air tight containers increase the risk of still-damp tools growing bacteria. Envelopes that are discarded/renewed after every appointment can be an inexpensive option.

Taking Packs Home

Some clients may ask to take their packs home with them after each appointment and, since they do own them, this may seem fair. It’s important however, to deny this request unless they don’t plan on bringing the tools back (e.g. this is their last appointment with you). If the pack is taken home, you cannot guarantee what they do with those tools, what or who they come into contact with or how they are stored. When the client returns with these tools, you cannot properly disinfect them ready for use during the same appointment they will be used in as they do need to be wet for 5-7 minutes and can then take several hours to dry completely.



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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    This is the best way to keep hygiene for clients. Also educating them for this option would be a good way to gain their trust. If the client knows that the cost for this kit is included they will surely go for it. This may help as a bonus for reaching more clients with word of mouth. Thanks for this brilliant idea Team.

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      Definite perks there, thanks Parveen!

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