Living with Anxiety in the Real World

Living in a society that revolves around economy and content can be difficult at the best of times, so coping while balancing business, home and social lives is another level entirely. As women in the Beauty Industry we are balancing more than ever. We put our heart and souls into our work and it’s hard not to take it personally when someone is unhappy with us, or even just when we are spread too thin.

If you have lived with anxiety for awhile, many of the tips in this article may be familiar to you already. However as an Educator in the Nail Industry I see more and more women putting pressure on themselves and letting anxiety taking over. If you are one of these women (there are a lot of us!), read on.

It’s hard to face the big wide world, especially when you’re on your knees in a crumpled mess with a guttural fear that the world is ending. The truth is though, the world still turns, the clocks still tick and life outside of your anxiety is still working perfectly.

So how do we cope when anxiety becomes a regular visitor? The control you have over this situation often comes down to your overall mindset.

There are two choices when you face anxiety.

  1. Let it rule your life while you rely on your support systems to get you through each day
  2. Choose how it affects you and actively do something about it so you can live with minimal impact

The idea of “changing your mindset