Mastering the Square Nail Shape: Techniques and Tips

The square nail shape is a classic and versatile choice for many. Its strong structure and sleek lines make it a favorite among both clients and nail technicians. Here’s how to perfect the square nail shape:

Knife-Cut Precision The free edge of a square nail is cut straight, perfectly aligning against a ruler. This precise edge is key to achieving the ideal square look.

Train Track Side Walls The side walls of a square nail are 100% parallel, like train tracks. They are perpendicular to the free edge and maintain a consistent distance from each other, ensuring a uniform look.

Even C-Curve The C-Curve of a square nail is even across the entire thickness, forming approximately 30% of a circle. This consistency is crucial for the nail’s strength and appearance.

Straight Lower Arches The lower arches extend straight from the widest point of the side walls, maintaining a sleek and consistent look without dipping or creeping up.

Seamless Cuticle Blend The cuticle blend is flawlessly tapered, with the apex positioned 2/3 from the cuticle. This ensures a smooth, straight nail from the apex to the free edge, avoiding any humps or ski-jumps.

Why Master the Square Shape? Mastering the square nail shape is essential because it serves as a foundation for creating various other shapes. Once you have perfected the square, transitioning to other shapes becomes much easier.

Ready to nail the perfect square? Practice these techniques and watch your skills improve!

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