#10 Crystal Acrylic Brush

Artistic Nail Design, Artistic Rock Hard Liquid and Powder

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Size #10 Liquid and Powder Brush made with responsibly sourced Kolinsky hairs.

High quality bristles last many many years without becoming brittle and breaking, or losing their shape like cheaper brushes can do over time. Investing in a good quality brush can mean it’s the only brush you ever need to buy – if you really look after it*.

The weight of the handle is slightly heavier than wood or light plastic which actually gives you better control when using it.

Plus, it’s pretty and sparkly!

*Looking after a brush means never letting it touch cleanser/ISO or remover/acetone. Keeping your monomer clean while you’re with a client (if it starts to go milky or anything like it, change it), keeping your brush wipe clean and never wiping over an area that has already been wiped over. Working with correct ratio beads (wet beads can leave residue in the brush, dry beads can leave powder which will still cause some polymerisation). Running your brush through clean monomer before you put it away. Keeping the lid on it. If you have a disaster, wrap it up like a soak-off for 5 minutes ONLY and re-condition it with monomer afterwards – but this should be a last resort.