Artistic Buffer

Artistic Nail Design

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Designed for buffing the natural nail without creating stress or friction on the nail itself.

Artistic Files and Buffers are designed to be light while being comfortable to hold and control. Shaped for ease of use and to eliminate contact with the skin and possible cutting of the cuticle area. A reinforced plastic center eliminates bending and breakage while working, ensuring longevity of your files and buffers.

Buffers are made with a thick foam center to help quickly eliminate file demarcations with less work. All files and buffers are spray sanitisable.

Options –

Artistic Effect Buffer

  • Grit: 100 / 180
  • Description: Gently remove shine from the natural nail for preparation prior to product application


Artistic Perfect Buffer

  • Grit: 220 / 280
  • Description: Use to buff the artificial nail. Removes file demarcations on the artificial nail surface.


Artistic Reflect Buffer

  • Grit: 400 / 4000
  • Description: Use on natural or acrylic nails that will not be polished. Use green side first to create matte finish and then use white side to create a high gloss shine.