Metallic Gold and Silver Pigments

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These are pure pigments, so a little will go a very long way!

  • Mix with Gel or Acrylic to create a custom coloured product. (We love Rock Hard LED Gel.)
  • Mix with Gel Top Coat and use as a custom coloured polish or paint for Nail Art. (We use Glossing Gel by Artistic Nail Design.)
  • Mix with water and paint directly onto Gel, Acrylic or Gel Polish.
  • Mix the metallics thinly with water to add a silver or gold shimmer over your completed Nail Art.

Note that the silver is real silver and is toxic unless burnished. The burnishing process leaves it in little pellets like you see in the picture however these are easily crushed by your brush in the lid of the pot and used as normal.

Size: 5g pot

MSDS Sheet
  1. MSDS Sheet

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  1. Kirsty Cooley

    Love these pigments, brilliant colour and shine and easy to work with.

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