Rock Star’ Acrylic Kit

Artistic Nail Design, Artistic Rock Hard Liquid and Powder

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VIP Silver Starlet and VIP Gold Metal are the headliners for this show!

Shimmering gold and silver will turn any client into a Rock Star. Featuring VIP Artistic White for creating flowers and other art details for a 3-D look, or encase them inside the VIP Clear to create an inlaid design that is Rock Star worthy!

Kit includes:

  • Opening Act Non-Acid Nail Primer – 15ml
  • PH Nail Prep – 15ml
  • Revive – Nail & Cuticle Oil – 15ml
  • Nail Surface Cleanser – 15ml
  • Centre Stage Monomer Nail Liquid – 120ml
  • VIP Artistic White – 28g
  • VIP Clear – 28g
  • VIP Silver Starlet – 28g
  • VIP Gold Metal – 28g
  • 100 Ct. Get Bent Nail Forms
  • 180/180 Aspect File
  • 220/280 Perfect Buffer
  • 240/240 Exact File
  • 150/150 Correct File
  • 400/4000 Reflect Shiner
  • 100/180 Effect Buffer

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  1. Constance

    Hi approximately how many sets can you get out of this kit and how mch does the kit cost?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Hi! 28g pots of powder usually do around 60 average-length sets. 120ml Liquid Monomer is around the same (which is why they’re been paired together here). Other products like Primers etc will stretch further and the cleanser will probably stretch a little less. But those core products will get you 50-60 sets. This kit is $147.82 + GST

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