Top 10 Colour Gloss Colours Bundle

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10 Super popular colours to kick start your collection.

You will receive the first 10 colours from this list unless a colour is out of stock, in which case we will swap it for the next most popular colour (chosen by number of sales). If you scroll down past this list you will see exactly which colours are being sent out today.

1. Bride
2. Swag
3. Determined
4. Goddess
5. Always Right
6. Peach Whip
7. Graceful
8. Chill
9. La Ti Da
10. Charming
11. Love, Marriage, Prenup
12. Corally Cool
13. Wild
14. That’s My Tone
15. Cafe Latte
16. Elegance
17. Break The Mold
18. Temperamental
19. Baby Cakes
20. Bad Habit
21. Rhythm
22. Mani of my Dreams
23. Killer Stems
24. Halo
25. In Bloom
26. Sincere
27. Trending Now
28. Caviar For Breakfast
29. Petal to the Metal
30. Promises
31. Hear Me Roar
32. Princess
33. Colortopia
34. Dazzled
35. Hype
36. Fab
37. Love
38. Forbidden Fruit
39. Naked Moonlight
40. Bitter Truth
41. Rubies on Ice
42. Hotness
43. Gorgeous
46. Flirty
47. Tasteless
48. Don’t Call Me Sweetie
49. Anticipation
50. Manic

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  1. Webbd

    The bundle isn’t a discount as the individual price per bottle is $23.43 x 10 = $234.30 which makes this offer overpriced. You might want to redo your offer? Or am I mistake. This offer must include some thing else?
    Dawn Webb


    1. Admin bar avatar

      You’ve actually caught us in the middle of changing everything haha 🙂 Artistic recently gave us a new set of prices to abide by and we’ve had a temp going through and changing everything this week. She should be finished today or tomorrow 🙂

  2. Erin Sutherland

    Can this no longer be ordered?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Yup? It goes out of stock sometimes but is always restocked within 24 hours and is currently in stock.

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