Top 10 Perfect Dip Colours Bundle

Artistic Nail Design, Artistic Perfect Dip

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10 Super popular colours to kick start your collection.

You will receive the first 10 colours from this list unless a colour is out of stock, in which case we will swap it for the next most popular colour (chosen by number of sales). If you scroll down past this list you will see exactly which colours are being sent out today.

Please note that we can not swap out colours after you order. If you have some of the colours below already but still want to make a bulk order, please call us and arrange the swaps BEFORE you order.

1. Anticipation
2. Always Right
3. La Ti Da
4. Graceful
5. Glamorous
6. Determined
7. Devil Wears Nada
8. Glisten
9. Goddess
10. Swag
11. Break The Mold
12. Hear Me Roar
13. Halo
14. Posh
15. Majestic
16. Bad Habit
17. That’s My Tone
18. Wild
19. Charming
20. Caviar For Breakfast
21. Princess
22. A Jewel In Disguise
23. Foxy
24. Bride
25. Chill
26. Excitement
27. Betrayal
28. Dazzled
29. 1-2 Punch
30. Rhythm

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