Social Media & Marketing Hacks | Summit 2024 Special

Nail or Beauty School was just the beginning, right? What on earth do you do now?!

Welcome to the Salon Success Podcast with Monaco Nail Academy.

Our topics stretch beyond nails and into all things salon-related—business, marketing, and social media—and at the very least hit you with real, honest stories about our experiences. This isn’t school; this is real life, real business, and real-ly freaking hard work.

In our second super special LIVE episode from Summit 2024, @JungleNailsNZ, @NailsByBeccaNZ, @HardLacquerNZ and @BaileyJanetNails are exploring gamification – a powerful tool to make running your business fun and engaging.

Discover how gamification can transform even the most mundane aspects of your salon operations into enjoyable experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, learn practical strategies to infuse excitement into every part of your business. Tune in to uncover how gamification can revolutionize your approach and elevate your salon’s success!