Hi, I’m Penny, founder of Monaco Nail Academy.

At Monaco, we want everyone to be able to get the support and education that THEY need. SO, we’ve revolutionised the way courses are offered.

As you get to know how we do things, it can be a smidge confusing, so let me take you through it.

First, below this, you will see a table of benefits, or pros and cons.

Our courses are divided by 3 categories –

  1. Online VS In-Person Training – All in the name, we have a full range of courses that are available 100% online, from the comfort of your own home. A lot of people believe this means you’re on your own, but most of our online courses include educator-led live classes done via Zoom. We also offer a full range of in-person courses, where your live lessons are side by side with your Mentor. Mentors are available in most regions of the country and can be found on our About page.
  2. Beginner VS Advanced Training – Again in the name, some of our courses are suitable for complete beginners, and others are more for people who have already qualified in nails or Beauty Therapy and just want to upskill. If you have a Beauty Qualification but have never trained in a particular service before, we do recommend that you go for the beginner version of that course.
  3. Lastly, Short VS Comprehensive Training – We have always prided ourselves on offering detailed training with guaranteed results. That hasn’t changed. We consider Comprehensive Courses to have a guarantee of quality. Between pre-recorded videos, live lessons, free repeats on live lessons, portfolio submissions, exams and free repeats on exams, there is no way that you will not be a great Nail Tech when that certificate goes on your wall. Not everyone can afford a comprehensive course though and some of us don’t have time but still want to take control of our lifestyles and work towards our goals. We consider Short Courses to be a way for everyone to get a foot in the door, no matter your time or budget constraints. Short Courses are more self-guided than their comprehensive counterparts, where it is up to you to ask for support and monitor your progress.

So, you should have a rough idea of which category you fall into. Maybe, for different services, you will fall into different categories.

Below this, you will see a complete breakdown of the benefits of each category so that you understand exactly where you fit. The table is huge so zoom in and call us (09)5745573 if you want us to go over it on the phone with you.

Benefits, Pros and Cons of each Course at Monaco Nail Academy

Now that you understand which category of course is going to work best for you, let’s look at the subjects we teach.

If you’re a Beginner and are wanting to cover every single short course that you can, check out our Introduction to Nail Technology, which combines all 12 modules. If you’re a beginner and want to cover every single comprehensive course, go for the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology. If you’re already qualified but want to retrain completely, we have the comprehensive Advanced Refresher in Nail Technology for you.

If you’re not ready to commit to the whole she-bang, you can enrol in one module at a time.

The table below is about subjects. It’s showing you every available option for Manicures and Pedicures, every available option for Acrylic and so on.

When you compare prices you’ll see that our online courses are a lot cheaper than in-person. This is because the live lessons are done in groups so the cost is split across all students. Our online training is bloody good, though so maybe you’ll start there. You’ll also see short courses are somewhat unsurprisingly cheaper than comprehensive courses, so maybe you mix up short courses for some subjects and comprehensive for others.

Unless you’re working towards one of our umbrella qualifications, feel free to mix and match your modules, to design a custom course that fits your goals, budget and needs.

Basic – Just the Links

Detailed – All Info in One Place 

When you know what you want, go to the course pages and click Enrol, then go to your Cart and Checkout like any other online transaction.