Lisa Smith

“Absolutely love Monaco Nail Academy! I have just become qualified today, and I honestly don’t think I could have made it without their support and their awesome class/training structure. I once got told to not bother with proper training as everything you need you can find online – and boy were they wrong! I’m glad I listened to my gut, cos there was so much more I learnt that I wouldn’t have been able to ‘self-teach’, nor would I have even thought to learn it! The teachers are amazing, the class structures are amazing, the products are amazing, I can’t fault one thing about Monaco Nail Academy, except that they are located too far away from me! Haha I may be a qualified nail technician, but I will definitely be back as much as possible to upskill and to be back in this amazing environment! Thanks so much to Penny and her staff for making such a wicked academy and giving me the opportunity to take the right steps into my dream job! “