Monaco Nail Academy is an organisation built on goals and determination. From a single bedroom in a rented home to a commercial salon and graduates around the world, Monaco Founder Penny Lawler has proven that no matter the starting position, the race is yours for the taking.

We don’t have a big corporate Head Office – instead we have a network of talented wahine, running salons, families – and Monaco – from homes and premises around New Zealand.

We’ve been doing this since 2011, and with over 800 students joining us over the years, we’re pretty confident we’ve got the experience to get you where you want to go.

We won’t just teach you how to paint pretty things either – we’ll teach you how to live with all the freedom and flexibility of successful self employment (or how to get a job in a salon if that’s more your jam).

There’s never a better time to start than now, and we’re with you every step of the way.


Monaco is dedicated to being New Zealand’s premier training academy for Nail Professionals.
We offer both online and in-person options, at various skill levels and with flexible payment arrangements to suit as many of you as possible.

Why choose Monaco?


Monaco Educators are all Nail Techs first and foremost. We pledge not only to teach you how to ‘be’ a Nail Tech but to also take you on all parts of our individual Nail Tech journeys (the good AND the bad), allowing you to use our experiences to shape your future. We will teach with brand neutrality despite our wholesale affiliations; we will help you decide which services really are worth offering in your unique circumstances; and we will always admit our mistakes and find solutions.


Your certificate has our name on it and we don’t take that lightly. There are no shortcuts – for anyone. We will support you to the ends of the earth, assess your skills and knowledge, and ensure that no matter what the future holds, your certificate is widely known to have been earned. We have high standards for you, and even higher standards for ourselves.


We genuinely believe that there are enough clients for everyone and that allies and friends are your most important assets in business. The Competition-Free Zone is the sense of community we encourage and the support we have for each other. We have zero tolerance for anything but positivity and support within our student community and encourage everyone to focus on differentiation, not competition.


Once you qualify, you are family for life and you WILL succeed. We have forums, regular catch ups, email and phone support 5 days per week, social media support 7 days a week and most importantly – an open door.


Our Educational team consists of highly qualified, award winning Nail Artists who travel internationally to learn more and bring all that knowledge right back to you. Our teaching facilities are also purpose-designed to enhance your training in every way possible.


You are taking a chance on us and we completely, 100% understand that. How can we not return the favour and take it seriously? You WILL get exactly as far as you want to get and that is a sincere, personal promise from us to you.

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