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The Introduction to Nail Technology is flexible and self-guided. It is suitable for anyone from complete beginners with no experience through to qualified Nail Techs wanting a refresher.

While our Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology has compulsory live lessons that incur additional fees, this course has no compulsory lessons and includes one free attempt at each exam before any additional fees are incurred.

Your fees include the following Modules – 

Total value $3018 + lessons

Combined, these include – 

  • Over 130 hours of in-depth Video Content. Pre-recorded Demo videos allow you to see a demonstration from multiple angles, up close, and with the benefit of rewatching.
  • 7-Day Support via our Facebook Group. We have a beautiful, unparalleled community of like-minded folk in there, ready to welcome you.
  • 5-Day Support via Email and Phone
  • Unlimited attempts at your Assessments for Theory, Manicures, BIAB, Acrylic, Hard Gel, PolyGel and IBX. Theory and IBX are online written assessments and resits are free. In all other cases the first attempt is free and all others are priced the same as lessons.

This course does not include – 

  • Live Lessons where a Mentor will guide you through practicing each skill for the first time. Live lessons are optional, and at your discretion.  They can be completed one-on-one either online or in-person, at a cost of $49/hour or $349 for an 8-hour day. Occasionally, group lessons will be available, at a cost of $49 for 3-hours. You do not have to do these at all, you only need to pass your exams.
  • A Portfolio Submission requirement.
  • A Kit. Our courses are brand neutral and we don’t want to force you to pay for products that you don’t want or need. However, we do sell Artistic Nail Design products and kits are available if you choose to add them.

How does it work?

Within 2 business days of enrolling, you will receive access to your modules, which you can access by logging into this website. You can work through the content at your leisure.

As you work through the pre-recorded content of each Module, you will often see markers that say ‘It’s Time to Book a Lesson’ (which refers to a live session with a Mentor). These are optional and there will be instructions on how to book if you choose to do so. You can see a breakdown of all lessons by downloading a Lesson Guide from our Student Resources page.

Lessons can be booked with complete flexibility around your own needs and availability, matched with the availability of your chosen Mentors. You might choose to attend only mornings, only afternoons, only weekends, or a total mix and match – it’s entirely up to you.

Lessons and exams can be completed online or in-person, at a cost of $49/hour or $349 for an 8-hour day. Occasionally, group lessons will be available, at a cost of $49 for 3-hours.

How long does the course take to complete?

This is entirely up to you, there are around 130 hours worth of videos, optional live lessons, supporting texts and then you need to practice. If you committed 5 hours per week to the course and spent 3 hours of that day watching videos and 2 hours practicing, you would complete the course in 12 months. It is absolutely possible to commit more hours and complete it faster. Some people go great guns and finish it in a couple of months, some do it in shorter bursts and take a year, and some set aside a full week every few months and do it that way.

What if I’m not good enough?

You can book and pay for optional live lessons where, after watching the pre-recorded demonstrations, a Mentor can help you in real-time. There’s a misconception that you need to be good before you join a lesson but this is definitely false! A lesson is where your Mentor guides you through practicing for the first time – you’re not supposed to be a master.

Where are the courses held?

Our online courses are 100% Online including pre-recorded, live and exam components. Complete from your home or salon, no matter where you are. If you choose in-person lessons, these will be in the salon of your chosen Mentor. Mentors and their locations can be seen here.

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes, a copy of the Introduction to Nail Technology is included with this course, available after all criteria are met.

Is there a Payment Plan?

Sure! Check it out here.

You can also pay using a credit card, bank transfer Afterpay or LayBuy.

*Important Note Regarding the Builder in a Bottle Module – 

A few of the videos in this module (all shorter ones, thankfully) have an audio echo. We must have bumped a setting or something, because they’re all from one particular filming session and the audio is fine in videos shot before and after that session.

We have discussed re-shooting them, but, as a team, have come to the conclusion that as the majority of these were adlibbed and we are proud of the information they contain, we don’t want to re-shoot and end up with an inferior level of information in the new video. It’s always hard to make the same adlib magic twice! We have discovered that the echo varies in effect between listening devices, so if it is significant for you, try with and without headphones or on a different device if you can.

The way we price our courses is based on the hours of live classes, not the hours of pre-recorded content, and you do still get 12 hours of live education with a mentor, no matter what. Using the same formula that we always use to cost out and price our courses, this Builder in a Bottle module should be $349. In light of the audio defect and our decision to leave it in the module, we have reduced the price, and hope you still enjoy the course.

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