If You're New Here...

1) Join our Student-Only Facebook Group

If you haven’t already, we would love you to join the Students and Graduates Facebook group. This is a general support and advice group but we do a lot of course organisation within this group so it really is rather important that you join.

PS – Please do not, under any circumstances, private message your Educators on Facebook. If you don’t want to post publicly in the group, email us instead.

2) Complete our Pre-Training Survey

If you haven’t already done this for previous classes, please head over to this link and fill out our Pre-Training Survey. You will need to complete a Learning Styles quiz and Personality Test beforehand so that you can add the answers within the survey. Both are quick and easy but it’s crucial that we have the results to be able to help you learn in the best possible way. We’re trained to fully understand the outcomes and adjust our teaching styles accordingly.

3) Start your Course!

Access to the online components of your course by logging into this website. You’ll find them under Dashboard > Courses.

Click on any Module to start going through the course content. You will occasionally see markers that say ‘It’s time to book a lesson’ (which refers to a 3-Hour block with an Educator, either in person or via our Virtual Classroom video link).

4) Book your Lessons! 

Only once you have reached a Lesson Marker (‘It’s time to book a lesson’) in your online workbook can you book in to work with an Educator on a particular skill.

You can book via the Marker page or at the bottom of the page you’re on now. Please make sure to look at the Google Calendar first as some lessons are Online Only (anyone is welcome to book on them though) and some are Assessments Only.

If you want to do all live lessons back to back (for example you are travelling or taking time off work to do them), you are more than welcome to do this, just complete all online content first and then book them all at once.

4) Find models for your lessons

Almost all Lessons require models. You can see details of what models are required by downloading and printing the Lesson Guides for each Module (linked below).

A hand out to help you find the models you need can be found below too.  You can also follow the instructions on the Models Page to ask for help sourcing models. If you know someone who wants to BE a model, there is a link on that page where they can be added to our Mailing List.

You are welcome to use our Student Facebook group to find other students with whom you can share models. This just takes off the time pressure during a lesson.

5) Attend your Lesson

Download the Zoom App onto your phone. On the day of your lesson (or perhaps trial it in advance), click ‘Join Meeting’ and type in 957-455-7300 (Tip – It’s our phone number with some extra zeros if you lose it).

You will be able to see your Mentor and they will be able to see you. Your Mentor will have a maximum of 6 students at a time, mixed between in person and online. You can all talk to each other just like a real classroom! A bell will sound at our end so that if we’re off doing something else and you pop into the classroom we know to come and find you.

Set your phone up somewhere at an angle that we can see your work from. You’ll see examples of how others have done it in the ‘Virtual Classrooms’ chapter at the start of every Module.

The goal of the lesson is to polish the skills you saw in the videos you have already watched. If you have met your prerequisites, you have already watched 2 camera angles in great detail go over the skill that you are about to practice. In the live lesson, mentors are there to reinforce that learning, not replace it. They are there to make sure you understood what you already saw, demo to give you a refresher, watch you to make sure you’re getting it right, demo again and again to just show you bits you missed such as file angles.

Your Mentor will sign off the lesson as completed on a printed copy of your Lesson Guide. It is your responsibility to bring it to the studio. If you don’t bring your Lesson Guide, you will be required to pay $10 for a second copy, to be merged with the first at a later date.

To get the best out of your experience, I would suggest getting an Octopus Tripod from Trade Me (they’re under $5), attaching your phone to it, and attaching the Octopus to your overhead desk light so that your phone camera is facing down over your work space. Make sure your phone can be plugged in to its charger from your desk and that you have a good wifi signal.

If you live near another student – get together at the same house/salon and stream in together!

Lesson Guides for All Modules

Portfolio Guides

As you work through the practical modules, you will see the Portfolio Sets in amongst the lessons, along with the opportunity to submit your work for review. You are required to submit these Portfolio Sets in order to get recognition of Module Completion.

Assessment Links

Click any of the Practical Assessment links and then enter your name as Test Test and your email as your real email. You will then be able to see the criteria and click through the entire marking sheet.

You can also access ‘How to Pass’ videos for each Assessment in the relevant online module.

Also Note

ADDRESS – The address for in-person classes will be provided 2 weeks before the class. If you need it earlier in order to book nearby accommodation please let us know. We book conference centres for these events once we have enough bookings which is why we don’t always know far in advance.

CALLING IN SICK – I can’t stress enough that this should be a last resort. You only receive the number of Lessons shown on your Lesson Guide. If you call in sick to a booking, you will have to pay ($90 per 3-Hour Lesson) to rebook that used-up Lesson.
If you do have to call in sick though, please use the Facebook Group. We have different Mentors on different days and no shared phone line so if you post in here anyone who needs to see it, will. No one wants a PM on their day off 😉
HASHTAG – Use the hashtags #LearnAtMonaco and #MonacoGrad to promote yourselves on Instagram and Twitter (Facebook doesn’t like hashtags and will demote page posts that use them). Feel free to tag us too and we might just share your work. You’ll find us at @monaconailacademy
COVER PHOTO – We’ve created ‘Student Cover Photos‘ and ‘Grad Cover Photos‘ for you to use on Facebook. Pick one to add to your new Facebook Page to advertise your high standards!
SALON DIRECTORY – We list all of you here http://monaco.ac.nz/find-a-salon/ and refer the MANY media enquiries we get to that link. To be included, download and complete this form and then email it to [email protected]
VIRTUAL CLASSROOM – To join, download the Zoom App on your phone, click Join Meeting and enter Meeting ID 957-455-7300

Book a Lesson

Don’t book anything until you reach a Marker that says ‘It’s time to book a lesson’ in your online workbook. When you get that far, download and read the Lesson Guide for your Module and then come back here.

You can view our schedule on the Google Calendar below (including Educator/Mentor details) and then once you have a plan, scroll a little bit further to book the spaces you want via Shedul. Do not attempt to book via the Google Calendar, it won’t work!

Finished all your Lessons? You can also use these calendars to book a desk in our studio. Bring a model and practice using our full range of products.

If you book for one of the ‘Optional’ lessons you will be invoiced $90, payable immediately.

Please note that In-Person students are welcome to complete lessons via the Virtual Classroom instead, any time they want. Online students can book In-Person classes instead of using the Virtual Classroom but will need to pay $30 per Lesson to use our studio products. We don’t charge for product used to sit an Assessment.

Booking a Lesson? Any cancellation made within 72 hours of a Lesson will be charged a cancellation fee of $90. This covers the cost of you using a desk when you rebook the lesson. It is necessary because we run at very small class sizes. When you don’t turn up and then need to rebook that lesson, you have used 1/6th of our potential income twice, instead of the once that was covered in your Course Fees.

Booking a free repeat or an Assessment? Any cancellation made within 72 hours of a Lesson will lose you the privilege of free repeats. You will only be allowed to repeat in future at the per-lesson cost of $90.

Important – We reserve the right to cancel lessons with low booking numbers and will do so no fewer than 10 days before the lesson. If you are travelling from out of town or booking leave to attend a lesson please tell us at the time of booking so that we can make sure not to cancel it for any reason.

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  1. Hi there just wondering if you could help me. I’m just wondering if I should be booking a classroom tuition or a virtual classroom. I just can’t seem to find where to book a virtual classroom spot. Been on the fb events but cant seem to find any available.
    Thanks, sorry i’m just not great with technology haha.
    Gemma Fraser

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Hi, You’re on the right page, just scroll to the bottom and click book. You’ll choose either in person (classroom) or online (VC) when you book. All lessons are the same, we don’t distinguish between online and in person, you just tell us where you’ll be. VC is the only option during lockdown though of course. If you get stuck call us (09) 574 5573 and we’ll talk you through it.

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