You Choose Tuesday – Bright Pop Art

Wondering what You Choose Tuesday is? Every Tuesday we post two designs for you to choose from on the Monaco Nail Academy Facebook page. Then, at 7:30pm we go live…

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Recreating @Coyasauce’s Alcohol Ink Canvas Art on Nails

We used - Artistic Colour Gloss in - Bride - Determined - Pigments in - Tearjerker - Ocean - Plus - Monomer - Bonding Gel…

Baby Boomer Ombre with Gel Polish

We used - Artistic Colour Gloss 'Bride' - Artistic Colour Gloss 'Love Marriage Prenup' - Follow Kirsty -  

Obsessed! How to do super clean Negative Space Nail Art!

We used - Artistic Colour Gloss in Bride - Be Creative Orange Brush - All 6 Bright Pigments - Follow Toni - Follow Anthea -

Sculpting Liquid Acrylic onto Rough Glitter… Can it work?!

We used - Artistic No Cleanse Sealer - Artistic Colour Gloss in 'Trouble' - Acrylic Powder in 'Bright White' - Monomer -