Builder in a Bottle

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  1. Mackenzie Dunn

    What are three things you’ve absolutely nailed in this Module?

    1. Application

    2. Backfills

    3. Filing

    What are three things you really need to continue to work on?
    1. Structure

    2. Bead size

    3. Filing, I end up filing to much

    What are three things that really surprised you?

    1. Temperature can effect the consistency of your BIAB

    2. The flexibility test

    3. That BIAB can be backfilled almost all the time

    What are three things you will never forget?

    1. Application steps

    2. Blood spill drill

    3. Exothermic reactions & how to prevent damage from it

    What advice would you give to a newbie starting this Module?

    1. Make sure to not be so hard on yourself if it’s not perfect just keep practicing:)

    1. Stephanie Greville

      Great advice Mackenzie 🙂

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