CL1500 Handheld Cordless E-File

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Cordless power. At your fingertips.

CL1500 Handheld Cordless Rechargeable

Easy to use
Fully rechargeable hand piece
15,000 RPM
4 Hours non-stop working time (once fully charged)

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  1. Heather Burnan

    is this the complete unit? Does it come with more tips or are they readily available through Monaco? Thanks

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Hi! This is the complete unit. By tips do you mean Drill Bits? YOu would purchase those separately, we don’t currently sell any separate bits.

  2. Heather Burnan

    Hi Penny, if it doesn’t come with extra drill bits then how long does the one it comes with last? Thanks

    1. Stephanie Greville

      Hey Heather – Erin says “Most efile bits last a few hundred services which can be from 3-6 months of regular use. Some bits can be ‘down cycled’ eg, a coarse carbide might lose its sharpness after 4 weeks of regular use and then can be used like you would a medium grit carbide, for example, for debulking BIAB instead of acrylic.

      Correct disinfection and storage will prolong the life of the bit and you can keep using them until they get dull/blunt. A dull bit looks perfectly new but it will take more passes, require higher RPM, or more pressure to be as affective as a sharp bit. If you’re doing any of the above it’s time to replace the bit.”

      In short, we can’t give you a quick answer of how long the bits that come with this e-file will last, as it depends on how you use them. I hope this helps!

  3. Tarina_t

    Hello, just wondering if this e-file I’d suitable for using while doing your e-file beginners class? And does it come with the drill bit in the picture? Thanks

    1. Stephanie Greville

      Hi Tarina
      The CL1500 E-file is great for beginners to get a feel for using an e-file before they are ready to commit to purchasing one they plan to use in salon. This e-file will help you make a start with the training, however to pass the exam you will need an efile that can go up to 30,000rpm. This is usually a good indicator of quality and functionality.

      As for the drill bits – most e-files do come with drill bits, but we recommend purchasing higher quality ones, and not using the bits that the e-files come with. In the E-file module we go over what to look for when purchasing e-files as well as bits, and give some recommendations

      Hope this helps!

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