Pat’s Ingenious Hack for Fluff-Free Nail Appointments

Nail Technician Pat Oyson sits at her desk with a big grin wearing a Monaco Nail Academy apron.“Hey, babes, I know I’m going slow. Are you in a rush?”

“Kei te pai. All good!” Mere grins at me. “I know you’re new. You’ll get faster.”

I’m filing acrylic on her left hand. Her other hand is holding her phone – TikTok of course.

I’m so happy she’s patient, but I’m a bit nervous about the fuzzy jumper she’s wearing and if it’s going to end up encapsulated with the gel and stickers I’m going to apply.

I don’t say anything. Music keeps playing. TikTok keeps going. I’m still filing.

And thinking.

Then… oh yeah, I think I have something.

“Babes, wanna go hands-free?”

And I fish out a phone holder and pop it on the desk.

“You can watch TikTok or anything, and you don’t even need to hold your phone!”

She’s smiling big. Her phone’s in the holder. We’re laughing at TikTok and random stories. Service keeps going. NO FLUFF.

Many hours later – (It was my first appointment, and it was an acrylic extension with *art*, okay?!) – nails ready for performing kapa haka! She’s out the door, money is in my pocket, and she’s even gifted me a plant.

(Um. I better check if it’s still alive…)

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