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Unlock your potential and connect with a community of passionate future Nail Techs

Group One – Monday 22 Jan, 6.30-9.30pm – FULL
Group Two – Monday 12 Feb, 6.30-9.30pm – ONE Space Left
Group Three – Sunday 10 March, 1-4pm* – Spaces Available
Group Four – Wednesday 20 March, 6.30-9.30pm* – Spaces Available

*Start dates may be delayed by up to 4 weeks if minimum numbers are not met

Strictly limited spaces available!

A group of students who work through the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology together for 12 months, with access to a dedicated Mentor as well as additional coaching beyond normal course inclusions.

As a Mastermind member, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about nail artistry. Collaborate, share ideas, and learn from your peers, all while receiving ongoing support from our expert Mentors.

You’ll have live online lessons every second Monday evening where you can work through your course together, sharing knowledge, insights and support. The idea is to work together to stay on track, keep up momentum and ultimately graduate together at the end of 2024 having helped each other achieve your goals.

Jump in the deep end!*

  • All 12 Modules of the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology including –
    • 130 Hours of pre-recorded video content
    • 66 Hours of live online lessons
  • Direct access to your Mentors via an exclusive Facebook Group Chat
  • 6 Bonus Live streams with guest Mentors
  • Free access to the 2-Day in-person Monaco Summit in Hamilton 2-4 May 2024 including accommodation, food, coaching and prizegiving ball.
  • A weekly payment plan with $200 cashback if all 52 payments are made on time*


Upon enrolment, you will get access to The Theory of Nails module immediately. Then, on your intake’s start date, join our live online lessons every second week. Immerse yourself in a supportive community of fellow nail art enthusiasts and learn directly from our experienced Mentors.

In between classes, you’ll have access to pre-recorded online content, allowing you to further refine your skills at your own pace. As you progress through the year, additional content will be unlocked as you reach payment milestones. Plus, if you choose to enrol with a kit inclusion, you’ll receive the necessary products throughout the year to enhance your learning experience.

With a time commitment of just 6-8 hours per week, you can easily fit learning into your busy schedule.


Yes! Once you pass the criteria of the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology, you will have earned that qualification and will have a certificate to show for it. As long as you pass your Assessments, full participation in the Accountability Mastermind will take care of all other criteria being met.



We understand that learning online may seem daunting at first. Rest assured, our experienced instructors have mastered the art of presenting our courses in an engaging and interactive way. With our proven track record, you can be confident that you will succeed in mastering nail techniques from the comfort of your own home.

While our online courses do offer comprehensive training, we also offer in-person Mentoring sessions for those who prefer additional guidance. For just $349, you can spend an 8-hour day with one of our skilled mentors who will provide personalized, hands-on support to enhance your learning experience. Whether you need extra practice or want to refine your skills, our mentors are here to help you succeed.



At Monaco Nail Academy, we understand that life can get busy. That’s why we provide access to pre-recorded content well in advance, so you can stay ahead throughout the year. Whether you have a prior commitment or need to juggle multiple responsibilities, our pre-recorded lessons ensure that you can always catch up and never fall behind.

We also know that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending a live lesson. If that happens, we strive to provide you with options to catch up at another time. While this is not guaranteed, we may be able to offer you the opportunity to join a different group. Alternatively, you can choose to rebook a one-on-one session at a cost of $49/hour.

If we have enough enrolments to run two simultaneous groups, we may be able to offer you the option to swap with other students. This allows you to catch up on missed lessons without incurring additional costs. Our aim is to provide you with flexible options that suit your needs and ensure you can make the most out of your learning experience.



Starting something new can be intimidating. You may be worried about not being good enough or letting others down. But here’s the truth: we are all going to struggle at some point. It’s part of the learning process. And at Monaco, we embrace that.

We believe in setting reasonable expectations and not putting too much pressure on ourselves. Our wonderful Mentors are here to lead safe and positive discussions in your Mastermind Group, ensuring that everyone feels supported and motivated.

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, and we understand that. Whether it’s a personal matter or a sudden shift in priorities, we are here for you. We create a space where you can share your struggles and receive the understanding you deserve. You won’t be alone on this journey.

Are you currently enrolled in all 12 Modules or the full Foundation Certificate at Monaco Nail Academy? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! By joining our exclusive Accountability Mastermind, you can take your education to the next level and unlock a wealth of additional benefits.

When you upgrade to the Mastermind, your entire course will be converted, and all Mastermind rules will apply. You’ll have the opportunity to start your 12-month Study Period again, allowing you to review and reinforce your knowledge. Plus, with our affordable weekly payment plan (just $29/week* for All Inclusive students or $59/week* for Pay As You Go students), you can continue your education without additional financial stress. It’s never been easier to invest in your future and become a true master of nail artistry.


We believe learning is a lifelong journey – so we are offering our graduates the opportunity to continue their education as Refresher Students. As a Refresher Student, you will have full access to our Accountability Mastermind group chat and bonus live streams.

Refresher Students can join the live lessons as ‘silent’ students. Enhance your skills by observing the demos and working alongside everyone else. While you won’t be able to request demos or ask questions directly of your Mentor during lessons, you will still benefit from the immersive experience and practical knowledge gained by participating. It’s the perfect opportunity to refine your techniques and perfect your craft.

Enrolling as a Refresher Student is not only beneficial but also cost-effective. For just $9/week*, you can continue your education for 52 consecutive weeks. That’s a small investment in your ongoing professional development and growth.

*Note that by completing your first payment, you agree to 52 consecutive weekly payments of the same amount. Content will be released in installments and live lessons are included. If payments default, access to further content and lessons will be rescinded. All 52 payments will still be required to be completed as a space will have been reserved for you in all live lessons.