{KIT} OR Pay $50/Week for 12 Months and Have The Same Kit Sent As a Monthly Subscription Box

Artistic Nail Design, Artistic Colour Revolution, Artistic Colour Gloss, Famous Names

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The perfect kit to accompany the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology, including everything you need to complete the course.

Click here to view the Subscription Schedule, detailing product inclusions, schedule for shipments and a recommended (but not compulsory) lesson schedule that allows for completing the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology alongside your shipments.


  • By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to 52 weekly payments of $50, with kit items being sent out incrementally as payment milestones are reached.
  • Once you purchase this item, please click here to complete your subscription and set up the direct debit of your remaining payments.
  • Sizes, colours, and other variables may vary based on the stock we have at the time. For example, if we run low on Bright White Powder we will supply Soft White. If we run low on 120ml Monomer we will change it to 240ml. The contents will ALWAYS, however, cover what is needed to complete the course, and substitutes of equal value and quality may be provided to achieve this.
  • In rare occurrences, a smaller-sized product than the one indicated on the list may be supplied. In that case, please note that by completing this subscription, you are already receiving an approximate 10% discount despite the increased costs associated with administrating this service. We will never decrease substitutions to the point that the entire discount is lost, but the exact value of the discount is not specific or guaranteed.
  • Please do not book lessons until a Track n Trace for the corresponding kit inclusions has been sent to you.
  • The Lesson order prescribed is a suggestion and not at all compulsory. It just allows us to space out your Kit Supplies to match the payments being made, while also giving you clarity on when each lesson can potentially be booked.
  • The Artistic Cure Box will only be sent in Week 52 if ALL payments have been made automatically, on time, without our team needing to follow up. If any payments are missed, all 52 payments are still required to be made to cover additional administration associated with processing, packing, and posting the kit in increments where these costs would not be incurred were the kit sent in one package. The PolyGel, Soft Gel Extension, Art and E-File items will be delayed until Week 52 to ensure these payments are made and a one-month extension provided to ensure lessons can be completed.
  • Note that the shipping schedule for this subscription is different if you are enrolled in an Accountability Group as the lessons are in a different order (Acrylic is alternated with other topics throughout the year) and therefore will be supplied with the rest of your enrolment information.
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for information of your payment obligations and debt collection procedures.