Help our students by volunteering your time and nails

If you want to get your nails done:

If you would like your nails done by one of our students, please join our Facebook Group for Models.

Please contact students directly to book. Appointments are free unless otherwise specified.

Note that by booking an appointment you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms listed below.


Please note that this is a classroom environment. In classes, our Educators will do their best to make sure that all models leave with a satisfactory application but as students are often learning new skills for the first time, reasonable expectations need to be held around this. This is why your service is free.

Time Limits:

If you are on a time limit, please ask your student before the appointment what time they expect to be finished and make sure you both have the same expectation. We do expect students to meet the time frames they have given you. If you have any concerns about this, please alert an Educator.


Please also note that your booking has been made directly with the student, not with Monaco Nail Academy. Any requests for repairs or removal should be directed back to the student, and we will assist them with answers to your questions. If you are attending a class, the Educator is at your beck and call however please also note that you may have been booked by a student who has just hired a desk space to practice. These sessions are not affiliated with Monaco Nail Academy in any way other than location.


Lastly, we ask that if at any time you are concerned about your health and safety or if your service is uncomfortable, painful or results in broken skin, that you alert an Educator immediately so that we can assist our student in managing the issue and avoiding recurrence.