Our Training Format and Prices are Changing!

Changes –

  • Complete Flexibility! – Instead of being stuck enrolling on a specific date and time schedule, you will now be able to book lessons around your family and work commitments with much more flexibility. You will be given a Lesson Guide which details all lessons you are required to attend to achieve your qualification and then you will book into those lessons in either Morning, Afternoon or occasional Evening/Weekend sessions
  • Extra Content! – ALL of our students will now get access to our full online training stash, no matter whether they are in person or online. 53 hours of additional videos to support your Educator-led training
  • The ability to book lessons online OR in person! – If you enrol in our In-Person Training, you will be allowed to still book lessons online if need be and vice versa. Online Students will just need to pay a $30 subsidy to cover product used if they do want to attend the occasional in-person lesson.
  • You can now Skip Acrylic! – Previously our Acrylic Training was a prerequisite for our Hard Gel and PolyGel training but that is no longer the case.
  • Our online training is more indepth! – Rather than just receiving pre-recorded videos and support IF you need it, our Online Training will now include just as many Educator-led lessons as the in-person version, all done via video link.

Watch a video that explains the changes

Prices –

Since our last price change over two years ago, we’ve seen a lot of change –

  • We’ve added hours and hours of video content to compliment your lessons – you no longer have to remember everything all in one go
  • We’re in a beautiful new location with more space, a dedicated Pedicure area and better facilities in the heart of Ellerslie.
  • We have a stunning new website which incorporates your enrolment and course contents in one easy platform
  • We have a new, beautiful certificate design embossed with foil and showing a record of your learning
  • We’ve introduced the flexible model of lesson attendance to allow more students to fit lessons in around family and work commitments
  • We’ve introduced the Virtual Classroom – the video link that allows our Educators to teach students all round the country
  • Our studio now has one of every Colour Gloss and Perfect Dip colour available for practice and sample at any time

You’ll see our prices change automatically on 1 January 2020 to reflect these changes and ensure that we are able to continue offering the quality training our testimonials assure you of.