Water-Based Acrylic Paint

Be Creative

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A range of professional, water-based acrylic paint from Be Creative, perfectly suited to use with our amazing Nail Art Pen and Nail Art Brushes.

High quality and richly pigmented, these beautiful paints help the nail technician to create miniature masterpieces. Easily thinned down for producing detailed work, these paints can be encased in your acrylic or gel design and won’t crack or bleed.

Monaco Tip: Using a variety of mediums creates a more interesting and unique look. For many of our designs we use a combination of Gel Paints, Colour Gloss and Acrylic paint.

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  1. papillonjm16

    Hi. Do these need to be cured with a lamp?

    1. Becca

      Hi! No lamp is needed for these paints to dry, so they can be used with a variety of products and brands.

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