The Word ‘Failure’

Ever feel like you can’t do this?

I was listening to a podcast last night and something they said really resonated with me.

“You can’t fail, unless you quit – failure is finite”

What does that mean? It means you can only fail if you give up. Failure only applies if you STOP.

You can make MISTAKES, sure! I make them daily! You can have set backs, or bad feedback, or bad days, or quiet weeks…

These are all MISTAKES and SET BACKS. They are not failures because you learn from them and you get up and you keep going.

To say you have ‘failed’ or are a ‘failure’ or to feel like you’re ‘failing’ relies on an end point because the term ‘failure’ is finite. It is a said and done THING, not a continuous state of being.

You don’t ‘fail’ as a way of life. The moment you fail is a singular event.

Does that make sense?

If I have a bad week and I close my salon, I have failed. If I have a bad week and I learn from it and try again, I have not failed. I have worked hard, I have learnt something, and I will power through.


By the way – I’m not saying if you close your salon because you decide it’s not what you WANT anymore that you have failed – that is a success because you have redefined your values and ideals and followed them.

I just likes the sentiment behind the podcast because every time I feel like I failed at a task, I need to remember that it only counts as failure if I don’t learn from it and try again.