Good Morning!

It’s the last day but IT’S MY FAVOURITE DAY!

Not just because it’s Friday but because I’m sharing with you a video that I genuinely think can be life-changing if you take the info in it with both hands and love and feed and water it with hard work and self belief.


Three reminders before we jump into it though –

  1. Alllll of these videos disappear next Friday 31st
  2. It’s your last chance to enter to win $1700 worth of courses and the info is below the video
  3. Enrolments for Salon Success: Marketing reopen TODAYYYY!!! They’re open RIGHT NOW! And there are bonuses for people that enrol early, and fireworks and free kittens and at least one of those things is true. And enrolments CLOSE in one week! Just a wee window to get through the doors because we want to keep and nurture the beautiful SAFE community we’ve built inside the Student-only Facebook Group and the best way to do that is with limited enrolments. Click here to doooo itttttt! Make it official (there’s a money back guarantee and everything).

Anyway, on with the show!


Last chance! The winner will be drawn next Friday 31 July when enrollments close and everyone has had a chance to watch all the videos.

Head to our Facebook Group and tell us the one biggest takeaway you’ve got out of the 5-Day Salon Reset! What was your ah-ha moment, your favourite part, or what is one thing you will be changing because of it?

Make sure to use the hashtag #SalonReset to go in the drawer to win our ENTIRE suite of Salon Success courses, valued at $1705*

You can enter once per lesson, so five possible entries, but we’ll give you additional entries for posting on social media about the 5 Day Salon Reset if you use the hashtag #SalonReset and tag @MonacoNailAcademy.

*Or an equivalent coupon value for other courses if you already own these!

Salon Success: Marketing is BACK!

Enrolments are open NOW for ONE WEEK ONLY.

The first 10 people to enrol at full price will get a $200 credit towards product purchases OR $300 towards any other course of their choosing and there is a Payment Plan option too!

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