How to Set Your Prices

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    Olivia Loveridge

    What are three things you’ve absolutely nailed in this Module?

    1. Using the spreadsheet! Love a good spreadsheet

    2. Why before what and other up-selling techniques to benefit the client

    3. Concept of One-Ups and ideas to go with it

    What are three things you really need to continue to work on?
    1. Being confident asking for what I am worth

    2. Using the budgeting tab of the spreadsheet. I think I need to re-watch those videos


    What are three things that really surprised you?

    1. Your personal experiences with price increases

    2. The cost of going mobile (not that I wanted to, but now I have good reason to avoid it)

    3. Your price list journey

    What are three things you will never forget?

    1. One Ups! How to stagger them out consistently and how to prioritise a big one for a special occasion

    2. The perception of a few care gifts or thank yous rather than a loyalty scheme

    3. The importance of insurance

    What advice would you give to a newbie starting this Module?

    1. Have an open mind and be honest about your own experiences as a consumer to evaluate value/perceived value

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      Spreadsheets are LIFE

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