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Whether you’re yet to start your training or you’ve been in business for years, this course will get you up to speed on literally EVERYTHING you need to know to take your next step with the right foot.

Why are you in business?

For the longest time, I didn’t even consider this question. I was in business to make money, right? I was in business because I had a skill that I could make money from (doing nails) and therefore I took clients and made money.


Why wasn’t I working for someone else, with less stress and responsibility? Why was I working from home instead of mobile or in a commercial space?

Can you answer these questions?

On a basic level, you probably can, but this workshop is going to take you MUCH deeper.

For me it all came to a head when I had been pushing and growing my business for several years and realised I resented clients every time they walked in. I had gone from a small home salon with no clients to seeing 300 a month in a commercial space.

I had to step back and do a serious re-evaluation, through which I realised it wasn’t the CLIENTS I disliked, it was the circumstances I had built around them.

Nails for me was about lifestyle, not money, and I had forgotten that, getting swept up in always striving to be better.

You might think that you know what you’re doing and why and how and all that good stuff, but this workshop is a gold mine for cementing that and making goals happen.

We will take you through –

  • Identifying your personal needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarifying your vision
  • Identifying your brand
  • Re-aligning that brand to push you in the right direction
  • Identifying gaps in the market that you can fill
  • Assessing your competition in a way that you never have to worry about them again
  • Building a Business Plan that can be used for personal strategy or for seeking investment and growth opportunities
  • Turning that Business Plan into action points that are easily achievable
  • And measuring your success each month in a way that motivates you to continue

All of this content will take you around 10 minutes a day for a month, or you can smash it out in a Sunday afternoon.

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