Monaco Summit 2025(from

14 students

Attend the Monaco Nail Academy Summit 2025!

A 3-Day Event right before the NZ Hair and Beauty Expo in Auckland

🎨 Nail Art Sessions
🎨 Advanced Manicure or Extension Skills (You Choose!)
👉 Improving Engagement
👉 Caption Creation
👉 Scheduling and Planning Social Media
💅 Clean Manicures
💅 Fast Soak Offs
💅 Fileless BIAB
💅 Sculpted Acrylic
💅 Form Application
🍕 Nail Tech Pub Quiz
🍕 Pizza and PJs Night with Product Demos
🍕 Prizegiving
(This years had a value of nearly $200!)

DATES TO BE CONFIRMED – We are awaiting confirmation of the dates of the NZ Hair and Beauty Expo. Monaco Summit 2025 will take place on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the week leading up to it and will be held in AUCKLAND. Expo will run Saturday and Sunday and is not affiliated with Monaco Summit. At this stage tentative dates of 11-12-13 June 2025 are scheduled for us and 14-15 June for the Expo. These are subject to change pending confirmation, however if you register and they do change, we will offer a full refund within 30 days of the Expo dates being officially announced.

The Agenda –

Day 1 – Wednesday

Day 1 is actually all about our Mentors and is optional until 6pm. You can arrive any time from 9am and enter the Conference Room at 9am, 10.30am or 1.30pm. Or you can skip this and join us at 6pm for our Welcome Event.

  • 9am – Our Mentors are participating in a calibration session, completing services and marking each other to make sure we all mark exams the same way. At 9am, they will be completing Gel Manicures to competition standards, and then marking each other. You are welcome to be in the room, floor walking, critiquing and helping with the marking!
  • 10.30am – Another calibration session for our Mentors, this time in BIAB. You are welcome to be in the room, floor walking, critiquing and helping with the marking.
  • 12.30pm – Our Mentors will stop for lunch.
  • 1.30pm – The final calibration session, this time in French Extensions. You are welcome to be in the room, floor walking, critiquing and helping with the marking.
  • 4.30pm – Our Mentors will take a break while you find your room and get aquainted with your room mate.
  • 6pm – Welcome Event – Pub Quiz but make it NAILS! We will have teams of 4, with mixes of newbies and those more experienced, with Mentor Lifelines thrown in and lots of spot prizes. Our plan is to find a venue where you can choose to purchase food and drinks if you wish.
  • 8pm – Finish

Day 2 – Thursday

  • 9am – Seminar 1 – Content Creation – Spend an hour watching demos of all the awesome things you can do with our nail art supplies before having an hour to play and create art yourselves. In the last hour of this session, learn tips and tricks for taking photos of your work before practicing what you’ve learnt and getting real-time editing support and feedback. Arrive at this session with a Gel or BIAB Overlay in a plain colour on your non-dominant hand.
  • 12.30pm – Lunch
  • 1.30pm – Coaching – In the afternoon session, every 30 minutes, one of our Mentors will demonstrate a technique – think perfect scooching, fast soak offs, fileless BIAB, sculpted acrylic, form application and more. During this session, it is entirely up to you which demos (if any) that you watch. When you’re not watching a demo, our other Mentors will be floorwalking, helping you practice what you’ve seen, or any other technique of your choosing. We recommend having a hand of naked nails for this session.
  • 4.30pm – Optional – Social Media Takeover – This was a hit at the 2024 Summit so we want to bring it back, but we know this is a long day, so if it sounds useful, great – if it doesn’t, this is your time to recharge.
  • 6pm – PJs and Pizza – At summit 2025, our annual PJs and Pizza night will include a couple of new features – we will be demoing products ‘Tupperware Party’ style, and allowing you to try out products you may not have seen before. We will swatch colours, demo different systems and just generally have a play. During this time, you are encouraged to soak off your nails in preparation for tomorrow.
  • 8pm – Finish

Day 3 – Friday

  • 9am – Seminar 2 – Editorial Calendars – We will be flooding your brains with content ideas, separated into the categories of 80% value and 20% selling. We’ll talk about batching and give examples of how we plan and schedule our content for ease and effectiveness.
  • 9.45am – Seminar 3 – Caption Creation – Come to this session with 5 photos of your work or Behind The Scenes moments. We’ll work through a step by step guide to creating great captions before tweaking and finessing your ideas for best engagement.
  • 10.30am – Break
  • 11am – Open Book Competition ‘Salon French’ – GROUP ONE – Same rules, similar timeframe as the official NZ Nail Competitions, but you get to do a practice nail, have it judged, and then start the clock. While the clock is running, you can run your choices past the Mentors and have them guide you (OPEN BOOK!). We then work with you to judge and critique in a constructive way. Not into Comps? Consider this an extension of your coaching – you have Mentors floor-walking and helping you the entire time. It’s not a competition, it’s training with prizes. It’s no different to being on a course (which you are) and getting feedback throughout the day – EXCEPT that you have a small chance of getting a trophy. There will be prize categories for 0-18 months since enrolment and 18 months+ as well as for Extensions or Natural Nails.
  • 12.45pm – Lunch
  • 1.30pm – Open Book Competition ‘Salon French’ – GROUP TWO
  • 3.15pm – Judging
  • 5pm – Prizegiving – Less formal than 2024, the 2025 Prizegiving is the night before many of you will be doing national comps at the NZ Hair & Beauty Expo, and so we will be doing a cocktail hour with nibbles, allowing competitors to leave by 7pm for a good rest, and socialites to carry on.
  • NOTE – As Summit 2025 is in Auckland and close to where many of you live, accommodation after prizegiving is NOT included. However, we can help you arrange to stay an extra night at the same location at your expense if required (twin sharing for reduced cost).

Your ticket includes –

  • Accommodation on the Wednesday and Thursday nights.
  • Venues for all Summit events.
  • Thursday Lunch and Dinner.
  • Friday Lunch + Nibbles at Prizegiving
  • Prizegiving
  • Monaco Swag Bag
  • Certificates for everyone that competes in the Open Book Comp
  • Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category
  • Access to your Mentors for three days


  • Option One – $16/week for 52 weeks (We can convert this to Fortnightly or Monthly on request)
  • Option Two – $729 upfront (with Afterpay available)
  • Option to add $5/week and get a $300 product credit at Summit 2025
  • Once you enrol via our website, we will be in touch to set up your Automatic Payment.
  • All payments are non-refundable but can be transferred to a not-already-registered Student or Graduate.
  • The Monaco Summit is open to all Nail Techs – studying or qualified. You do not have to have studied at Monaco however if you didn’t, you will be asked to pass our Theory of Nails exam before attending. You will have 2 chances to do this for free (it’s online, from home) before needing to enrol in the online module.






Terms and Conditions of Payment Plans

  1. Payment Plans – If you agree to a payment plan, you must complete all payments even if you decide not to attend Summit, and failure to make these payments will result in the balance of all payments being invoiced and later, referred to a debt collection agency if still unpaid.
  2. Debt Collection – If you receive an invoice from Monaco Nail Academy, it is due within 7 days, will have overdue fees added after 7 days, will have Debt Collection fees added after 30 days and will be referred to Debt Collection at the same time. By clicking ‘I Accept’ on these Terms and Conditions, they apply to all invoices from now on unless you click ‘I Accept’ on revised Terms and Conditions, in which case they will apply instead.
  3. Full Terms can be viewed here.
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