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  1. Prep:
    Length is the same across all nails – yes
    Free edge is perpendicular to the side walls – yes
    Cuticle is clean and shows no sign of damage – yes
    No damage to the nail or skin from buffing – yes

    Product application
    Product application is .5mm from cuticle – yes
    Product does not touch skin at all – yes
    Smooth line around Eponychium – yes
    Nail is shiny with no scratches or inconsistencies – yes
    Application is even – yes

    Smile Line:
    Clean crisp line – a little blended, I don’t think I waited long enough before tapping off the excess
    Full arch (not flat/straight) – yes
    Same arch on all nails – yes
    Same ratio of pink to white on all nails – yes
    Pink/White Ratio appropriate to nail length – yes

    Which ONE thing are you most proud of?
    High Shine
    Which ONE thing will you focus on next time?
    Waiting a couple more seconds before tapping off white excess, and use less activator to reduce the chances of shock curing

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      Awesome work, well done 🙂

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