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Virtual Classrooms

This course includes unlimited access to Virtual Classrooms for free for 12 months. You can book these through our Student Resources page.

It was a big deal for us to start offering online training to beginners (we’ve done it for advanced students for a long time now) because I firmly believe that you can’t learn nails without an educator looking over you to see your mistakes and correct you in real time.

In saying that, I’ve become acutely aware over the last couple of years, how many people are enrolling in really dodgy online training, super quick in person training OR just going for it with no training, purely because they can not get to training they can afford.

I believe there is a middle ground.

Our online modules are super detailed and we are very very proud of them. They contain more content and demos than any affordable live class ever could. They of course also give students access to Educators via Facebook and email, but it’s just not the same.

Virtual Classrooms are the solution.

You tune in with a link we provide using the camera on your phone. We can see what you’re doing. You can see what we’re doing. We can see your mistakes and show you in real time how to fix them.

To get the best out of your experience, I would suggest getting an Octopus Tripod from Trade Me (they’re under $5), attaching your phone to it, and attaching the Octopus to your overhead desk light so that your phone camera is facing down over your work space. Make sure your phone can be plugged in to its charger from your desk and that you have a good wifi signal.

If you live near another student – get together at the same house/salon and stream in together!

To access the classroom –

  • Download the Zoom app
  • Click ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter the number 957-455-7300 with the password 9574557300.
  • A bell will sound at our end so that if we’re off doing something else and you pop into the classroom we know to come and find you.

This room is for you to have access to us for anything you need. Ask a quick question, ask to see products or demos, or have a model with you and work with us on something you’re stuck with. The room is your oyster!

This is how others have set up for the Virtual Classroom

One is attached to the light with hair ties and the other is just balancing!

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    Hi Penny is it possibly to do one of the leasons in person or does it have to be done through Zoom?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Absolutely! If you’ve enrolled for online training but want to book a lesson in person, it’s just $30 per lesson 🙂

  2. Admin bar avatar

    awesome thank you

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