How to Find a Nail Model When Yours Cancels Last Minute: Tips and Tricks

“My model cancelled last minute, and I can’t find a model now. Can I use a practice hand for my lesson?”

This is a question that comes up from time to time. We get it. It’s almost time for your lesson, and now cue the panic — a model just canceled on you.

There are two parts to this question, and we need to address them both.

Why We Don’t Source Models for You

We are often asked why we don’t source models for you. In years past, we attempted this, but it took many hours of administrative time each week, which had to be factored into the cost of your course. Friends and family are also far more likely to show up than strangers. For these reasons, it works out much better if you source your own models – but we are here to help.

Can You Use a Practice Hand for Your Lesson?

First – no, you can’t use a practice hand. We specifically don’t allow practice hands to be used during lessons because they are vastly different from a human hand. There are some steps you just can’t do, and it’s surprising how much the heat of a human hand affects the products we use. We want you to get the most out of training with us, so using a practice hand is not allowed.

How to Find a Model Quickly

Yes, you CAN find a model. If you’re reading this gritting your teeth, read on for our suggestions to find your next model or five.

  1. Share a Model – Remember, you only need one model between two students. Use your region-specific chat to pair up with a peer and share the model-finding responsibilities.
  2. Ask Friends and Family – They are more reliable and more likely to be honest with you!
  3. Check Local Community Pages – Go on Facebook and advertise on your local community pages. Search for terms like:
    • Grapevine
    • Buy Swap Sell
    • Trade or Trading
    • Pay it Forward
    • Your suburb or city name
    • Mum (for parenting groups, all mums need pampering)
  1. Post on Your Business Social Media – Call for models in your different posts and show off your work at the same time.
  2. Create a Public Facebook Event – Detail what you need and when. Make sure to invite your entire list of Facebook friends and encourage everyone to invite their friends by offering a free cuticle oil to anyone who refers a friend.
  3. Advertise on Neighbourly – The people who see your post here will all be in your suburb or close to it.
  4. Approach Local Kindys, Schools, Women’s Gyms, and Other Female-Centric Businesses – Ask to advertise in their mailers to give a half-price appointment once you’ve qualified to any one of their staff members who helps out as a model.
  5. Approach a Charity – You could try Women’s Refuge, Ronald McDonald House, Look Good Feel Better, or Dress for Success, as a start. They definitely deserve pampering!
  6. Put Flyers on Noticeboards – Try your local university, community board, the local supermarket, or any other noticeboard.
  7. Ask EVERYONE – The check-out girl at Pak N Save might be dying to have her nails done!

If you’ve gone through this list and you didn’t find anyone, start from the top again. Sometimes people can’t do this particular appointment or don’t want to try that particular service. That doesn’t mean they won’t say yes another time, or maybe they’ll have a friend who will be interested.

By the way, if we were to try and find models for you, following this list is all we would be doing.

Remember – you can find a model.