Tips To Boost Your Winter Bookings!

Happy Tuesday!

Winter’s here, and we all know what that means: chilly days, cozy nights, and…a bit of a slowdown in the salon. Don’t worry, it’s not just you! Even those who are fully booked feel the downturn in enquiries over the colder months. The first big power bill, a lot fewer social engagements and not a lot of motivation all round and here we are – the quiet period.

This week, we’re diving into some creative strategies to keep your appointment book full and your business buzzing, even when it feels like everyone’s hibernating.

Seasonal Promotions that don’t COST you money

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Rather than offering discounts that decrease your perceived value and lose you the guaranteed income you have from regulars, offer special winter packages to entice new clients. Think ‘Prepay 3 Manicures and get a free Pedicure’ or ‘Prepay 5 Manicures and get 15 min free Nail Art at every appointment. These little perks can be just the nudge someone needs to treat themselves.

Referral Programs

Your current clients are your best ambassadors. Referral programs that give small rewards however can often cost you money where the referral would have happened anyway – no one is referring a friend JUST to get 10% off an appointment they were already going to pay for. However, if it’s REALLY quiet, why not say for the month of July, regulars that bring a friend get a surprise gift, and chat to other local businesses to gather samples and small goodies to build some mini gift hampers at low cost.

Collaborations and Partnerships

LOTS of local businesses will be struggling at this time of year. Team up with spas, boutiques, or cafes to cross-promote services. Maybe you can create a joint giveaway or special, or host a winter-themed event together. It’s a great way to reach new audiences and build community connections.

Host a Winter Workshop

Why not host a fun, interactive workshop where clients can learn to create their own cuticle oil, hand scrub and foot mask? It’s a unique winter activity right when people have super dry skin and a great way to network with locals that you may not have met yet.

Personalised Client Messages

Send a little love to past clients with personalized emails or messages. Make a list of people who came more than once but haven’t been in 3+ months. For each person, think of either a colour you now have that they won’t have seen, or go for a scroll on Pinterest until you see some art that screams their name. Send a quick message saying ‘Just saw this and thought of you, hope you’re well!’. A personal touch can go a long way in making clients feel valued and is a no-pressure reminder that you still exist.

What are your ideas?!

Tell us your stories about how you’ve kept your business thriving during winter. We would love to hear em and share em, cause, ya know #CompetitionFreeZone

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