Kickstart Your Salon Success: Morning Routines & Nail Art Tips #Podcast #WatchMeWork #NailTech

Nail or Beauty School was just the beginning, right? What on earth do you do now?!

Welcome to the Salon Success Podcast with Monaco Nail Academy.

Our topics stretch beyond nails and into all things salon-related—business, marketing, and social media—and at the very least hit you with real, honest stories about our experiences. This isn’t school; this is real life, real business, and real-ly freaking hard work.

In this episode of the Salon Success Podcast, @Patsitive.Beauty, @JungleNailsNZ, and @Nail_Candy_Couture chat about their morning routines for opening their salons and getting everything ready for clients.

Whether you’re new to the nail tech world or a seasoned pro, we’ve got tips to help you start your day smoothly, look more professional, and grow your business faster. Join us for a fun and insightful discussion that will make your mornings more efficient and your days more successful.