Be Creative Pigment – Pretty in Pink {Pretty Collection}

Be Creative

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Pretty in Pink is a rose gold with a pearl lustre, and is semi-opaque with gold undertones. It can be used for chrome effect, donut nails, or as a strong colour over a dark gel base.

This means that the possibilities are endless because you can ADD!

Try some of the following:

  • Mix with BIAB, Hard Gel or Acrylic Monomer to create a custom coloured product.
  • Mix with Gel Top Coat to create a jelly or glass effect Gel Polish.
  • Mix with water to create a highly pigmented, water-based paint for Nail Art
  • Mix thinly with water to add highlights or shadows to the edges of petals, leaves, wings etc.
  • Create custom pigments by mixing this colour with any other, and a little bit of water. Let dry in the Hot Water Cupboard overnight, then crush back into a powder.
  • Use dry, pressed into a gel inhibition layer for ombres and blends
  • Mix with monomer to create ink effects

These are pure pigments, so a little goes a very long way!

Size: 5g pots

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MSDS Sheet
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