Correction Gel

Artistic Nail Design, Artistic Colour Gloss

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Correcting the flaws in the natural nail has never been so easy! Add strength, structure or both to the natural nail to promote healing and growth. These products will provide you the ease of a brush-on and the strength that only a building gel can provide.

Correction Gel is applied any time after Bonding Gel depending on it’s purpose –

  • Add strength to the entire nail
  • Even out shallow ridges (Apply before colour so colour appearance isn’t affected by ridges)
  • Even out glitter application
  • Protect Pigment or Acrylic Paint Art
  • Back Up Top Coat (Not as shiny as Glossing Gel but it works)
  • Top Coat that can be buffed back to a matte finish without impacting the colour underneath




Swatches of two Correction Gel colours - Pink Concealer on the left is a peachy opaque pink and Translucent Pink on the right is a bright, cool pink.
Left – Pink Concealer, Right – Translucent Pink


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