Flawless French’ Acrylic Kit

Artistic Nail Design, Artistic Rock Hard Liquid and Powder

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Everything you need to create Flawless Pink and White Nails on your toughest clients.

VIP Concealer Powders allow you to extend the nail bed or cover damage and flaws in the natural nail bed. VIP Blush Pink acts as gentle, pink veil to create a more natural look. VIP Bright White creates crisp smile lines that will turn your clients into groupies.

Kit includes:

  • Opening Act Non-Acid Nail Primer (15ml)
  • pH Nail Prep (15ml)
  • Revive – Nail & Cuticle Oil (15ml)
  • Nail Surface Cleanser (59ml)
  • Centre Stage Monomer Nail Liquid (120ml)
  • VIP Blush Pink Powder (28g)
  • VIP Bright White Powder (28g)
  • VIP Nude Concealer Powder (28g)
  • VIP Pink Concealer Powder (28g)
  • 100 Ct. Get Bent Nail Forms
  • 180/180 Aspect File
  • 220/280 Perfect Buffer
  • 240/240 Exact File
  • 150/150 Correct File
  • 400/4000 Reflect Shiner
  • 100/180 Effect Buffer
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