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If you purchase the one month option, one month will be added to your 12-month Study Period for all currently-enrolled modules. You can purchase multiple 1 month extensions to add multiple months to your Study Period.

If you purchase the 1 year option, 12 months will be added to your 12-month Study Period for all currently-enrolled modules.

You can purchase extensions at a one monthly basis, or, save 50% by purchasing a 1 year extension

Note that –

  • The extension starts from the date of expiry, NOT from today – so, for example with a one month extension, if your 12-Month Study Period expired 10 days ago, your new expiry date will be 20 or 21 days from now (depending on whether this is a 30 or 31-day month) as in, one month minus 10 days. If your Study Period expired 5 weeks ago, a TWO-month extension would add 2 months to the original date, so you would have approximately 3 weeks from now to complete your course.
  • The extension is not a guaranteed part of the course you have enrolled in. We offer these currently at a set rate for all students. No discussion on the amount will be entered into and we reserve the right to stop offering extensions at any time. The Foundation Certificate can be completed in approximately 4-hours per week across your 12-month Study Period – you have had plenty of time.
  • Purchasing an extension will not change the date on your Dashboard. We will keep record of the new date on your Student Record in our office. The date that shows on your module (eg the ‘3 Weeks To Go’ part) will not be affected. Access to it will expire on your original expiry date. There is a re-take button at the bottom of the Module which will get you back into the course. The re-take button, however, starts the 12-month timer all over again. This is not an accurate representation of your new expiry date.
  • By clicking Re-Take, you will also lose all current progress, as shown on your Module. You do not have to re-attend lessons you have already had signed off, resit exams you have already passed, or resubmit your completed and marked Portfolio submissions. Again, these are recorded on your Student Record in our office.

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