Providing Services You Hate: The Unexpected Perks

We all have a service we loath to offer, right? 

It was a topic of conversation for some of our Accountability Group last night while I slept soundly.

(Actually, my partner was eating salted peanuts in the bed and I wanted to murder him for the constant crackling but that’s another story).

They were talking about how one person had put off Dip Training because she hated the idea of it.

Here’s the thing – 

Let’s stick with Dipping (such as SNS) as an example. On the plus side, it’s really bloody fun to do, honestly, something about the naughtiest of sticking your fingers directly into the sugar jar/acrylate powder tub.

On the downside, it’s a 40-year old technology, that, depending on the brand, can be using gritty powders, brittle resins and just generally not living up to our 2024 standards (Artistic isn’t like that – I’m biased I know but facts are, they use AAA-Grade super fine powder and their soak offs are a dream).

Personally, I think, if you want stronger natural nails, you don’t need extensions, and you don’t need the solidity of Acrylic, you should be wearing/offering Builder in a Bottle. It’s backfillable where Dip isn’t, much easier to file, doesn’t get brittle, feels more like a natural nail, and when you do want to soak it off, it’s no different to gel polish (as long as you thin it slightly).


I regularly get people booking for Dip. If I did not have this on my service menu, they would go somewhere else. 

When they arrive, I discuss why they want Dip. If it’s because they just really love it, they get Dip. If it’s because that’s the only option they know of that fits their criteria, we discuss BIAB.

Most of them get BIAB.

So don’t negate the services you aren’t interested in. Consider them the gateway to all the services you LOVE.


I’m off to record 8 Podcast episodes now and I’m excited but also kind of peeing my pants nervous for the ‘what ifs’ that could (but probably won’t) go wrong. Wish us luck!

This is what else we loved last week – 

  1. My favourite Monaco Reel of all time – Pat is a gem that should be protected at all costs.
  2. People worrying about UV exposure while walking outside in the sunshine.
  3. Not one but two brand new graduates of the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology.
  4. The impending arrival of autumn colours
  5. Finding secret unlocked lessons inside Monaco courses that are free for anyone to access.

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