Do You Provide a Kit?

Kits are optional at Monaco – you can add them to your Cart with your Course fees, but you don’t HAVE to. We supply all product used during in-person classes, in unlimited quantities. For online lessons you do need to supply your own product but it doesn’t have to be product we sell, it just has to be professional-only.

Most schools that supply kits expect you to use your own product during class, so although it sounds good that you get a kit, you don’t often have much of it left by the end, and you don’t necessarily need all of it either (for example we teach forms and tips but you will choose a favourite and focus on that once you finish, so don’t need both outside of class). We figure that if we supply all the product in class, it doesn’t matter if you use it all up practicing, and then you get to pick and choose what you actually need afterwards.

Using our product during class means when you do buy product you make money off all of it instead of using it up on free models. You will get to know what you like and don’t like, decide what you need and don’t need, and learn how to choose suppliers and product and how to order for yourself – something no one else teaches!

It’s worth noting that all of this is reflected in our pricing – after you remove kits from the equation and look only at price versus the number of hours of training you get, we are one of the cheapest courses available in New Zealand.