You Can’t Sit With Us – But We’re Not Mean Girls

Happy Tuesday!

We are unconventional and we frickin love it. And #SpoilerAlert, the moral of the story is, you can be unconventional too. F**k it.

Let me explain.

People call up and ask ALL THE TIME if they can come and visit us before they sign up. To which my answer is ‘Sure, but I live on the Coromandel and I’m on my couch, so you are WELCOME to come and talk to me in person, but you’re not going to SEE anything?

They inevitably reply ‘But isn’t there somewhere in Auckland?‘ or ‘But don’t you have an office?‘ and INVARIABLY the result is, they do not enrol.

There’s a story to be told here about how they had expectations that we didn’t meet but that’s a story for another day.

I had to rewrite our ‘About’ the other day and it applies here –

“We don’t have a big corporate Head Office – instead we have a network of talented wahine, running salons, families – and Monaco – from homes and premises around New Zealand.

We’ve been doing this since 2011, and with over 800 students joining us over the years, we’re pretty confident we’ve got the experience to get you where you want to go.

We won’t just teach you how to paint pretty things either – we’ll teach you how to live with all the freedom and flexibility of successful self employment (or how to get a job in a salon if that’s more your jam).”

So here’s the thing. We don’t WANT a Head Office that we can sit at all day, waiting for people to visit us, so that they can enrol.

I can speak for every single one of my team (Bailey, Becca, Carl, Erin, Jayde, Jess D, Jess W, Lilly, Mariah, Mel, Nicole and Pat) when I say, that sounds like literal hell and we would all quit.

Monaco isn’t for everyone. If you want a Head Office to visit, you may as well forget about us right now.

But if you are a person who has hobbies, family commitments, big goals, and a need for super stretchy flexibility in your life to achieve everything on your vision board – wellll, we are VERY well practiced at BEING that person, so we can absolutely help you get there too.

And that’s where it swings full circle – here is your permission to create a life and business that fits YOUR dream for yourself.

Here is your permission to let people come to you and fit YOUR goals.

Here is your permission to make YOURSELF happy instead of trying to make everyone else happy all the time.

It might be the slower road, but 13 years and 800 students later (during which we TRIED the ‘keep others happy’ route and LEARNED we hated it) – we can tell you it’s is 100% possible and 1000% worth it.

What life-stretchiness do you dream about? Tell us below!

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