Risky Business – To Remove Or Not To Remove

There was a Hot Topic in the Monaco Office (AKA Group Chat, because we all work remotely) this week – whether or not to remove the work of other salons.

Here’s the Why Not – 

  • You don’t know what the heck they used, and if it’s cheap or if it’s nasty (I’m looking at you, MMA), then dissolving the product or turning it into a fine, breathable powder, could your health at risk.
  • You don’t know how long it’s going to take. It could turn out to be a hybrid gel and slide right off, or it could be non-soak off and take 20 minutes to work out that you just wasted 20-min and now you’re going to be late for your next client.

Here’s the Why – 

  • That client was obviously unable or unwilling to go back to the salon they got their nails done at originally, so they’re primed for the taking. Take safety precautions, do a fab job, and you either have a new regular, a word-of-mouth machine, or both.

So what’s the right decision?

Well, we’d love to hear YOUR opinion, but here are ours –

Personally, I do remove other salons product. I live in a beach town where a lot of our business is holiday makers who got Holiday Nails and then destroyed them and need help. To not help them would be to destroy my reputation in this tiny town.

So, I take precautions and I choose to consider the risks worth it, FOR ME (doesn’t mean they’re worth it for you, and that’s ok).

For all Standalone Removal services, I block out maximum worst-case-scenario time, and charge accordingly – Standalone Acrylic Removal is $75 – but to avoid the fallout of “You want HOW MUCH, my mall Nail Tech just rips them off for $10”, all of my extension or dip removals include a ‘Free’ Express Pedicure done while we wait for the soak. If a client doesn’t want a Pedi, they can bring a friend to get it in their place, or they can just pay the amount and skip it.

Another Team Member said “I’ve turned so many people away recently to avoid removing existing product because it’s just been my policy, but now I’m contemplating changing it, because I could be gaining them as clients. I just get worried if I remove product from other salons, like it’s going to take forever and I don’t want to eat into other peoples appointment times – but also what if their natural nail is damaged underneath from going to a cheap nail bar 😢 I don’t want to get blamed for ruining their nails when it wouldn’t have been from me”

(My reply to that was “If it helps, I remove a LOT of nail bar nails and people have only ever been like “Wait you mean it could be like THIS?!” as in, stoked”)

A third team Member replied – “If you’re E-File trained, it’s a piece of cake, just file to thin (like base coat) and soak, shouldn’t ever take all that long. The worst I’ve had is 3 hours (twice) to remove dip even after E-Filing BUT both of those were applied in the USA, so could have been anything.

Wear a mask and gloves (which you should be anyway 😬) to protect yourself. You could always allow extra time before your next client of 10 mins, or, may have to change the service depending on how long it takes.

Education is key, if you explain to a client before hand “I allow up to 20/30 minute’s to remove product safely, but if we go over time we may have to do just a Gel Manicure instead if BIAB” for example, or sacrifice art. AND, if they’re damaged from an NSS, you might have to also do IBX, but again, sacrifice something else to create time for that.

When it comes to fixing up clients and showing them the right way, you’ll have a client for life 🥰. End of novel 😂”

What are your thoughts? There’s no wrong answer!

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