Soak Off Removal Foils

Artistic Nail Design

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  • Name: Artistic Gel Soak Off Removal Foils
  • Size: 100 pack

We heard you guys go through these pretty quickly, so check out our bulk offers for five or ten boxes!

How to use:

  • Using the Artistic 180 Aspect File gently remove the shine from the nail to break the seal.
  • Saturate the cotton on the removal wrap with Artistic Nail Remover and wrap fully around the finger.
  • Soak nails for 10 minutes, then remove wrap from each finger.
  • Gently remove Artistic Gel Polish from nail using an orangewood stick from cuticle to free edge.

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  1. Alice Bowen

    I love these! Having the removal pad attached helps reduce your service time and ensures you don’t get movement over the nail once wrapped. When wrapping, these remain firm and don’t become loose or fall off. They also help make clean up easier as it’s all in one, and prevent bits of fluff being left behind on the nail!

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