The Dumbest Idea We’ve Ever Had

So a year ago, we had a REALLY dumb idea.

Like, awful.

So Anthea had said – 

How cool would it be to do a Graduation event each year, with tickets and trophies and stuff.

And I said, that would be SO fun but no one would drive or fly just for that, and it sounds REALLY hard to organise.

And then we went to the NZ Hair and Beauty Expo, and watched the comps, and chitchatted about how we wished more people would give them a go,

And Erin said –

We need to do an event that primes them for comps and pushes them out of their comfort zone.

And I said, people LIKE their comfort zones though.

And then Pat said – 

The Meet Ups everyone had at Expo on the back of last year’s 6 Week Challenge were so fun, how do we keep those going?

And I said, wait… an idea is forming…

48 hours later, we announced tickets for Summit 2024.

10 months later, 35 people convened on 2 massive Air BnBs in Hamilton for 48 hours of business and marketing mentoring, wine, practical coaching, snacks, wine, pushing ourselves to limits we never knew possible, hugs, tears, anxiety, glitter, trophies and love.

You can get a picture of it by heading to our Instagram and watching the Summit Highlight, but this is your sign to do the dumb idea.

Whatever your dumbest, riskiest, most impossible idea is… 

Start a group chat and a spreadsheet and make it happen.

And register here for Summit 2025